The Trochita train


La Trochita Train

We will never be able to take a trip back in time to visit
those places talked about so much in history books. Never
the less the Trochita train offers this scenes. When riding
this train the passengers feel like they are reliving
what pioneers saw when they got here. .

600 meters above sea level and running on railway tracts 75cm apart this old train goes thru valleys, besides lakes, mountains and thru woods. Its not particularly fast but the Trochita surely takes us from El Maiten to Esquel.

Weather factors where considered when the decision to cut the train’s trips short was taken. It used to join Rio Negro and Chubut. Today only Chubut is the only province that has the privilege to hear the echoes of the Trochita coming. In the beginnings the purpose of the train was other. It served as the only way to travel between mountainsides, carry all types of merchandise and at the same time transport cattle in wagons with very old heaters. The train was renamed `old Patagonian express´.

The historical landmarks of this trip remain the same but the trip was cut short for tourism purposes. It consists of three main stations: Maiten, Nahuel Pan and Esquel (165 kilometers of rail roads). The numerous curves in the train trips remain a main attraction for the thousands of foreign tourists that come for adventures in the Patagonia. Mountain sheep and lots of other types of wild fauna are always playing games around the path of the train.
In El Maiten a train garage museum exists showing old train parts only handmade and manufactured here. You will find a restaurant and a service area.

Close by there is an Indian reservation consisting of thirty families. They call themselves `river turns´this points out their location in the valley.
You also find Mapuche Indian descendants in communities around the Nahuel Pan station. They plan out their lives based on the products of farming and art works. In march of every year a religious celebration consisting in chants and offerings to the god Nguillatun take place on the feet of Nahuel Pan Mountain.