Los Alerces National Park


Lonesome birds perching on roadside fences complete the breathtaking scenery present in the woods of the Andes. Only chains of lakes and valleys accompany these birds .

By traveling paved roads we get to the Puelo Lake. The crystalline waters of this lake reflect the green colors of the woods and the whiteness of the everlasting snows of the Tres Picos Mountains.

Fishermen arrive to catch one of the rainbow trout found here in abundance. The small town known as Cholila is our next destiny. Hundreds of tourists come to this town in pursuit of stories revealing the lifestyles of outlaws that lived here (Butch Cassidy, Sundandace Kid, Etta Place).

The mysteries of the caves left by men thousands of years ago and a lake that sport fishing fans consider as paradise exist in Cholila. A short distance away is the entrance to the Alerce National Park known as one of the most beautiful in Argentina. It consists 263 thousand square km of green and brown woods of trench trees, lakes, waterfalls, mountains and admirable glaciers. To the south and past La Pasarela hanging bridge the road takes us to the Rivadavia, Menéndez glacier, Verde and Futalaufquen lakes.

A brief 1km walk lets us closely appreciate the fauna aspects and the wonderful strawberry fields of El Verde.

Isla Grande is an island sitting in the middle of the Menendez Lake. From here you will see the huge Torrecillas glacier. 2253 meters of towering ices that create an astonishing collage of mixed colors provided by the woods nearby.

If we continue following the road Villa Futalafquen is up next. The national parks administrative offices are here. You will also see the Centro de Interpretacion, a center for nature facts interpretations and studies.