San Martin de Los Andes, Patagonia Argentina

If you want to live the experiences that the seven lake district, the national park Lanin have to offer we suggest San Martín de los Andes. Sports fishing is practiced one of the main practices here. San Martin is also known for its community’s sprit of fellowship.

San Martin was founded in 1898. This city is located on the lakeside of lake Lacar, wind protected by many mountains. San Martin is one of Neuquen´s province main attractions. The seven Lake District and the Lanin national park because of their beauty, come first in the rank of most sought after in the region.

Alongside the road named "ruta nacional 234" and stretching 110km we find the Seven Lake District (going south). All 7 lakes (Lacar, Machonico, Falkner, Villarino, Traful, Correntoso and Espejo) have developed lodging facilities.

The creation of the Lanin national park was very important to all of San Martin citizens. Based on its objective of preserving the species and the ecology, the main source of money (the wood industry) was prohibited. Sport Fishing is authorized but people have to be issued a permit for the season (November - April). In many rivers here you can fish trout of different kinds, "salmonidos", "marrones", "fontinalis" and keep all the fish you want as long as they are not endangeredu.