7 lake Adventure, Patagonia Argentina


This incredible 7-lake adventure consists in traveling around all the lakes and the national parks of Lanin and Nahuel Huapi. This is a widely known trip in this area.

Only a few kilometers are the extension of the Catrire beach on the Lacar Lake in San Matin. We can find a restaurant and a camping site here. If you keep going on the "Carruinca" reservation of Mapuche and the "Pil-Pil mirador" offer an incredible scenery. Before getting to the Malchonico lake, looking at the division of waters of the Partido stream (left to the Meliquina lake and right to the Lacar) demand a stop. Appreciation of the incredible powers and beauties of nature never come in a hurry. When we pass thru kilometer marker 27 the road changes from cement to dirt.

This also implies a great deal more of flora scenery. A small off road deviation in our way takes us to the beautiful lake "Hermoso". Coastlines covered with woods and jungles protecting from the winds give away where the Nahuel Huapi starts and where the Lanin ends. Meanwhile the sun keeps on shining. Our next destiny is the Vullignanco waterfalls.

The Falkner, Villarino and Escondido lakes are separated by very slim passages and rock formations. These we see later on so we can appreciate the emerald green colors. Sport fishing lovers deviate of-road where the road turns in the Traful. Traveling thru a forest full of "coihue" they arrive to the Pichi Traful River. It’s considered as the paradise for fly-fishing. If your objective is to find "salmonido" fish you must keep on traveling until you get to the Correntoso Lake.

Then the trip around the seven lakes is over. A short distance from here we find "Villa La Angostura". The flora here is very exuberant; this is considered more than a worthwhile experience.