Land of Fire, Argentina and Chile


The "Parque Nacional Tierra del Fuego" (national park) is located 18 kilometers from Ushaia. This park shows a mélange of mountains and seacoast. The geographical boundaries with Chile are seen here.

The national park of Tierra del fuego is only 18 km west of Ushuaia. Its area is somewhere around 63 thousand square kilometers. Only 2 thousand of this square km is dedicated to the recreational uses of people. Inside the park there are six camps dedicated to receive humans that want to get in direct contact with nature.

Six kilometers is the length of the Beagle channel that go thru this park. Also, the mountain ridges stretching between lakes and rivers (south and north of the park) create barriers that divide incredible valleys of difficult human access.

Plains here are where you will always find red foxes, rabbits, beavers and guanacos. The park’s coastline is the place to see the black head albatross bird and the petrel bird; you shall also see other kinds of sea mammals. The flora of this park includes among others, big cinnamon trees, woodchopper trees, "ñire", "lenga" and "guindo". During the summer (October-march) violets, orchids, "siemprevivas" and Margarita’s make of this beautiful landscape, a multicolor picture.

Summertime also offers the opportunity to take time off to embrace one of the many offered activities. You can examine nature’s gifts venturing thru organized trips, trekking, and mountain
Bikes, kayaking and sport fishing in the crystalline lakes or rivers.

Inside this national park different paths in existence, are prepared for our biking or jogging experiences. The difficulty levels do not require prior training. These pathways are entrances to small paradise like country sides, including the "Castoria", the "Lengas"
Circuit (that has a panoramical view to the Lapataia bay) and the Hito XXIV (marks frontiers with Chile).