Ushuaia, Patagonia Argentina


Ushuaia is literally the city at the end of the world. Positioned on one of the southernmost points of the American continent, it offers glaciers, mountains, woods and sea.

Found on the southernmost point in the map of Argentina you can find "Tierra del fuego"(land of the fire). You wont find in the world any state province to the south of "Tierra del fuego". Although we shall see mostly glaciers, fog and icebergs this country receives it’s name because of the "Yamanes" Indians campsites. Their camp fires where seen in the distance by conquerors.

Ushuaia is the state capital of "Tierra del fuego". The city´s architecture reflects the contrasts of very old houses made out of wood and modernly built buildings used mainly as hotels.

Ushuaia's location in the map makes us think of a very tough weather, we are wrong. During the summer temperature is at an average 11ºC and it has sometimes reached the upper twenties. In the month of January daylight can last around 18 hours.

Towards the beginning of the 19th century the first expeditions started to get to "Tierra del fuego" soil. In 1832 Charles Darwin and captain Fitz Roy headed one of the world ´s most known trips here. These two gentlemen got here aboard the "Beagle". The waterway path is named Beagle channel. Darwin collected fundamental natural testimonies which became basics for his revolutionary "Theory of the Evolution".