Puerto Natales, Patagonia Chile


To the south of Chile we find Puerto Natales town, a must stop before getting to the Torres del Paine. The amiable towns people make sure everybody is treated with warmth.

The town called Puerto Natales is 2500 kilometers south from Santigo, Chile. The Torres del Paine national park is located here. This park is known worldwide as one of the most beautiful in America.

Its worth you’re while to stay in a hotel in Torres del Paine but staying in the town of Puerto Natales also adds other attractions. The warmth of its people, the tastes of fresh seafood in restaurants make of this town a very comfortable choice.

You can also take boat trips to the Serrano and the Balmaceda going thru the Mountains Channel as floating blocks of ice simply float by. Another trip worth taking is the one that visits the glaciers and lakes in "Parque Nacional Bernardo O’Higgins y el Campo de Hielo Sur".

The Cueva de Milodon (24km north of town) is the cave where the remainings of a 10383 year old animal where found. One century ago was when Hermann Eberhard found pieces of dry skin measuring 1.5 meters long and 90 centimeters wide.

In 1951 was when the skin was analyzed. Conclusions where that it belonged to a Milodon (a prehistoric animal that weighted around 3 tons).