Whale watching in Península Valdés


The "Right Whales" shows take place only during the months of September and October here in the Valdez peninsula. To see them you only have to dare to take a boat trip.

During the year, the best time to see the whales is on the months of September and October. You should not miss this. Although the first whales get here in April and the last leave in December, around 500 of these swimming mammals gather near the Valdez coast during the months above mentioned.

The trips are made in authorized powerboats that have the security measures required for this encounters. The boats will also give you a scenery tour so you can appreciate the coastland and the natural attractions. The first stop is at the Sea wolves nesting place. You shall admire around 2000 Sea wolves living here. Along the coastline, different kinds of birds can be seen: the "Cormoran" (a seagull look alike) build their nest on mountain cliffs, the "cooking" seagull and the "witch" heron.

After all this the boats get far from the coast and shut off the engines. We just lay there and all of the sudden a gigantic silver body bursts out of the water. The whale stays suspended in the air for a second and then falls into the water flat on its back. He or she will probably take a dive beneath the boat and appear again on the other side.

These whales weight somewhere between 3 to 55 tons and measure from 15 to 50 feet.