Petrified Woods, Patagonia Argentina


The petrified woods have been in existence in the Patagonia for over 150 million years. They are due to several of natures strange and unknown phenomena’s. Two natural parks in existence show this millennium wonders.

Around 150 million years ago, thousands of natural phenomenoms took place in the Patagonia, creating petrified woods. The volcanic eruptions that took place here for centurys covered the woods up in lava and ashes. These where very old and very big trees that ultimately became rocks.

At this point in time, two mayor "petrified woods" exist. One of these is the "Bosque Petrificado José de Ormachea" and the other is the "Monumento Natural Bosque Petrificado Jaramillo".

The first is found 30 kilometers from the town of Sarmiento (Chubut, Argentina).
The second is 150 kilometers from the town of Puerto Deseado (Santa Cruz, Argentina) These woods receive thuosands of visits anually.

Both of these woods have fosile remains of trees that measure between 30 to 47 feet. You can also see branches, leaves, fruits and seeds. The petrified woods here are considered the most important in South America. They have what is considered to be the biggest fosilized flora in the continent.