Rada Tilly, Patagonia Argentina


Located 13 kilometres away to the south of the city of Comodoro Rivadavia, in Chubut, Patagonia, Argentina, it is the beach resort Rada Tilly Village. It is located between Punta Piedras hill to the north and Punta del Marquez to the south where there is a look out point (opened in February in 1986) . You can enjoy one of the best landscapes ever in San Jorge Gulf there.[neutrality disputed] Punta del Marquez hill reaches a maximum height of 167 meters and gets into the sea for 1,5 km. It becomes the most protruding and outstanding point in San Jorge Gulf.

This summary village, one of the main recreative spots for Comodoro citizens, was founded in 1948.

The name originated from an English sailor Marquez from the house of Tilly, and from the geographical feature (Spanish name) “rada” (little bay).

The municipality reveals a steady population of 15.000 inhabitants, and it was declared an independent municipality on July 21 1947.

In 2008 carrovelism world cup was held in the amazing beach of Rada Tilly

The main attraction of the city is its astonishing beach of 4,5 kilometres made of delicate sand and close ground. The wideness of it allows the practice of several activities such as football, beach volleyball, walks and some unique sports like landyachting (little three wheeled carts with a sail attached to them that move with the force of the wind).

Here people can practice windsurfing, diving, snorkeling, trekking, mountain bike, motocross and fishing. There is a wide range of fish, such as salmons, hakes, sea basses, among others.

There are two different coastal features: Punta Norte and Punta del Marquez Hill (which it has a height of 160 mts) from where the breath-taking view can be enjoyed.