Bahia Bustamante, Patagonia Argentina


Located on the northern arch of the San Jorge Gulf. Between Comodoro Rivadavia and Trelew.

Short History of Bahia Bustamante: Mr Lorenzo Soriano arrived in this area in 1953, searching for seaweead to be able to extract colloids, necessary for the production of Malvic Hair Gel, which he had started in 1947. After travelling throughout the Patagonian coastline in search of Seaweed he discovered Bahia Bustamante, a bay covered in seaweed. Together with his sons, he began the seaweed harvest, thus creating Bahia Bustamante, the worlds unique "seaweed

village". The Sorianos built houses and rooms for more than 400 employees, a school, church, police station, grocery store and other facilities. Today Bahia Bustamante opens its doors so that you can also be part of its history, get to know and enjoy this remote and unique village on the Patagonian seaside. Four comfortable houses have been remodeled to house our guests. Each house includes twin bedrooms, living room, bathroom, and kitchen You have the chance to enjoy bird watching, visit the Petrified Forest, archeological sites. Sailing along the Malaspina cove you can visit sea lion, penguin and seabird colonies. For those who enjoy trekking you will enjoy wonderful panoramas and views. Other activities such as fishing, mountain bike and horseback riding are also available. Bahia Bustamante is a peaceful and serene place to stay and enjoy.