South Atlantic Coast, Patagonia Argentina


In the numerous gulfs, bays, inlets and peninsulas along the vast Argentine shoreline of the South Atlantic we find large colonies of marine animals. Owing to the various ocean currents, which mix along this coast and thanks to the relatively low traffic and fishing activity, the sea is still rich in plankton, algae, fish and shellfish that in turn serve as food of enormous birds and marine mammal populations.

In some of the bays and gulf the water is so calm that the sea is practically transparent: a paradise for divers. The Patagonian land mass ends abruptly in the sea, forming high cliffs and, at their feet, rocky shelves and/or wide sandy or stony beaches.

Areas such as Valdes Peninsula and Puerto Deseado congregate such unique species as Southern Right whales (from June to mid December), various species of dolphins, orcas, southern elephant seals, South American sealions, Magellanic penguins (from late September to March), and various species of cormorants among others. All of these areas are ideal for birdlife viewing and sailing together with some mountain bike and hike in the lower Chubut River valley. Together with the wildlife, Welsh settlements are to be visited and the famous Welsh Tea will be ready for visitors! A true wildlife paradise!