Comodoro Rivadavia, Patagonia Argentina


Comodoro Rivadavia is the gateway to central Patagonia. The main attractions in the desert are varied. They go from thousands of years old wall paintings, petrified forests to sandy beaches with hundreds of penguins. This city is known as the city of wind and oil.

Comodoro Rivadavia (Chubut, Argentina) holds a population of 200 thousand. It’s the most widely populated city in the south Patagonia. In 1907 oil was found, the city’s economy revolves around energy production ever since. Wind is also a great source of energy production here. Comodoro Rivadavia plays a privileged role in the desert. Besides the possession of sandy beaches it serves as a mayor connecting point to other historical landmarks.

Rada Tilly is where the beaches are located. The beach stretches 3kilometers long and has three paradors that allow people to enjoy incredible views of the coastlines and the city. From one of these paradors you can see the "Punta de Marques" (where sea wolves gather).

Halfway between Comodoro and the town of Trelew, south from Puerto Madryn, you will find the town of Camarones. Penguins are found in great numbers here. 285 kilometers to the south of Comodoro you have a town called Puerto Deseado.