Patagonia 4x4


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Price: 172 USD (200 km free included per day)

pick up 4x4

Price: 288 USD (200 km free included per day)



The estancias are definitely linked to the history and the essence of our Argentinian culture. Maybe it is due to the vastness of our land, where the sight is lost without finding any limits, that men and the countryside life forms are so particular. And for such reason, the houses and inns that welcome visitors today are accurate representations of our identity. In them, the past and the present of both Creoles and immigrants are expressed.
Each geography leaves its mark. As don Athaualpa Yupanqui would say, "a man on horse in the pampas is taming the space,... has plains and time and, just like the pampa, his voice has no eco. The mountain does give back his voice to the Indian who has never seen the sun rise or set".

And with wisdom, he defines the paisano as the one that the country has inside.

The estancias of the countryside tell their story. The European large houses amidst the pampas plains, as well as the country houses that found their own space among the Northern reedbeds, or those which resist the Patagonian wind and aridness.

These properties have always offered visitors a bonfire after a long trip, homebaked bread and hot mate, poured by their owners, who welcome the visitors without asking questions about either origin or destination.

And today, they continue to open their gates to whoever is in search for some quietness in the landscape.