San Telmo

Considered the cradle of the suburb, payadores corner of Argentine tango. Tragedy, humor and nostalgia, in each of its corners. It's a neighborhood where artists live merchants and entrepreneurs. One of the oldest and most picturesque neighborhoods. The state of many buildings in ruins, makes it attractive. Their houses are buildings of English and French style. Now houses the largest antiques market and has the highest number of tango.

Top 5 San Telmo

   1. Plaza Dorrego: We can find several old pubs to be visited in the streets near the square. The best day to visit is on Sunday morning, with the antique fair in Plaza Dorrego, and tango dancers, mixed among merchants and neighbors.
   2. Museum of Modern Art: A modern architectural building, has a rich contemporary Argentine plastic, since it has the most outstanding works of artists.
   3. Tango Show, The old warehouse: it is a traditional tango corner, on Avenida Independencia and Balcarce, where you can enjoy his well-known show Dinner - show. . There is also the neighborhood cafes and tango to dance tango, you can even take some lessons!
   4. National Historical Museum: Displays objects related to the May Revolution and the War of Independence, two very important dates for the country, and visiting we understand the history and events in the country in 1810. He was also a National Historic Monument.
   5. San Telmo Market: Keeping its architecture intact after 100 years, is one of the most visited places in Buenos Aires. In small shops you can find inside an old vinyl from a camera tango old at the time of our grandparents. Clothing of the '20s and most curious antiques.