Recoleta is one of the most flirtatious of the city, some shopping (malls) and Buenos Aires Desing and exhibition halls as: Palace de Glace, are here, also the Museum of Fine Arts and crafts fair in Plaza Francia Two very popular sites.
It's a neighborhood to walk and enjoy its spacious plazas, terraces, and see its historic buildings of European style. With street performers and artisans in places very good level. Recoleta is a residential area, with mansions used as embassies.

Top 5 Recoleta

   1. Cementerio de la Recoleta: Established by the Recoletos monks in 1822, is recognized internationally for his sculptures, domes and tombs, mausoleums and Argentine families of heroes.
   2. Pilar Church: Founded by Jesuits and located in the Recoleta Plaza is one of the oldest churches in Buenos Aires.
   3. Recoleta Cultural Centre: In its varied exhibitions can find paintings, photographs and sculptures. Available at the center by guided tours and learn about the history and architecture of the building.
   4. Plaza Francia - Patio Bullrich: In Plaza Francia find, on the weekends, the largest craft fair in the city. With first class artisans and street performers who invaded the square with their shows. A beautiful place for walking and getting around, buying souvenirs from the city. In the courtyard Bullrich, shows and concerts are held for kids. Moreover, it is built by an English architect, and today is one of the most visited shopping in Buenos Aires.
   5. Alvear Avenue, Quintana, Callao. Or the streets Guido, Ayacucho, Guest: These avenues and streets you can see the finest hotels and shops in the city. Since Recoleta, is an old neighborhood, but with distinction. There are also excellent restaurants and bars with terraces for dining and drinks.