Famous for its great nightlife, is identified as the neighborhood the night of the capital. It is a broad area, which has more blocks of neighborhoods in every neighborhood. Ideal for those who want to walk for its attractive plazas and parks. Forests, gardens and lakes, Palermo is the most comprehensive green lung of the city.
Palermo Holywood, also called Soho of Buenos Aires, is the oldest part of this district. Redoubt major poets, such as Borges, Evaristo Carriego.

Top 5 Palermo

   1. Going shopping in designer shops in Palermo Soho: Here you can find a variety of independent designers, the so-called avant-garde in design of various objects, clothes and decorative quality found here. Most of the premises are located on Calle Honduras, the Calle Serrano (height Placita Plaza Julio Cortazar or Serrano), Palermo also on the Plaza or Plaza de Costa Rica, and Costa Rica and Armenia streets.
   2. Going out for a drink in bars in Palermo Viejo: A special neighborhood bars go, go for a drink and then passes through a nightclub. Walking through its streets you will find different Resto - Bar So they are called, with a mixture of local restaurant and bar. They offer a variety of dishes and drinks, and some live shows.
   3. Dining out in Palermo Hollywood Palermo live in Mediterranean cuisine, Mexican, Asian, with a variety of dishes and design shops with live musical show. And Buenos Aires restaurants offering dishes with vegetables or meat, pizza and pasta. Some delicacies to try include: pancakes, scrambled gramajo, chicken Provencal, Milan, among others.
   4. Museums in Palermo and alternative theater: In this quarter we also find excellent museums, it is best not to miss the one dedicated to Evita, and the Museo Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires. La Placita Cortazar, rather than fair, cultural activities and gatherings, there are bars around it with alternative theater and live music cycles.
   5. The Palermo Gardens or forests: One of the richest areas, as the locals often visit them to walk and play sports. Not to be missed: the Japanese Garden, Botanical Garden and the Parque 3 de Febrero.