Neighborhood bounded by St. Nicholas and Montserrat. Skyscrapers coexist with old buildings of European style and colonial churches. Here you can cross from tourists, to executives and employees of the administration. Florida is a pedestrian street and crosses this area, offering a variety of shops, street performers, and any couple dancing tango at the end of the street. It is one of the busiest streets in the center and is very noisy.

Top five downtown neighborhood

   1. Avenida 9 de Julio: The world's widest avenue. Here we find the Obelisk, shops, restaurants, buildings, crowds and traffic. Is that we are in the middle!
   2. Corrientes Avenue: The road books and plays more important. In addition to its many bookshops, also found here some faculties of the University of Buenos Aires. It is a very popular avenue for a night out to the theater and a coffee.
   3. Lavalle and Florida Streets: Street Lavalle can watch movies, finding different rooms. In Florida Street, find shops of all kinds, from bookstores, leather, to record stores and restaurants. It also hosts street tango dancers and musical performers. Florida Street is a pedestrian street and represented to be most visited by tourists and Argentines.
   4. Borges Birthplace: Opened in 1999, the museum will find unpublished poems, manuscripts, first editions, photographs, correspondence and even among his friends.
   5. Plaza de Mayo: It's as old as Buenos Aires and home to the country's political developments. Witnessed social and political manifestations, and national festivals. Here is the House of Government and the Cabildo.