Tango is the genuine expression of the City of Buenos Aires. Continues in its various expressions: composers, performers, poetry and dance. He was born in late 1800, as integration of folk music, European immigrants and blacks, at first was executed in the marginal areas of the city. Then it was spilling, tango song appeared was taken to Europe and settled in the city's essence hegemonic from 1920-1950 approximately.
After years of a silencing by military governments, with the restoration of democracy in the 80 'was recovered from the tango. This is how, increasingly, there is a large production tango music, lyrics, dance and orchestras.
The tango is manifested today in the lyrics (especially the slang, whence come many words), in the music (especially on the bandoneon, which infused the music from the Río de la Plata with that melancholic and somewhat sullen sound now identifies the tango) and dance (seen in the shows and practiced in the milongas).