Navimag Cruises


You are going to carry out a trip of three days in a Ferry Roll On Roll Off ship, That transport cargo, vehicles and passengers. You will navigate through channels formed as the result of the advanced of glaciers twelve thousand years ago.

During the trip you will see different kind of birds and sea animals like Dolphins, sea lions of one hair and occasionally whales (killer whale) in open sea areas.This part of the planet continues being wild and that has inspired many writers like Lord Byron, Julio Verne and Francisco Coloane. Ancient cultures used to live here, like Kawesqar between Magallanes Strait and Penass Gulf and Yaganes and Onas in Fire Land.

To the south the ship starts in Puerto Montt, cross Reloncavís Seno and Ancuds Gulf. After that you will see the Corcovados Gulf whit the volcano called the same name with 2300 meters hihg. We will be entering to the Moraleda Channel or to the Perez North and South Channel.

Main land correspond to the tops of the Mountain range of the coast that is under water given the name to the Guaitecas Islands.This ship goes around the peninsula of Taitao, part of the National Park Saint Rafael Lagoon. After that you will cross the Penass Gulf 6 to 10 hours of navigation, depending on weather conditions and the current. This route was crossed by the Indian people (prehispanic) and by Juan Williams in 1843 in the Ancud schooner and founded Bulnes Fort taking possession of the Magallanes Strait.You will appreciate the Bernardo OHiggins national Park, whit 3.5 millions of hectares, where the Pio XI Glacier is located.

The route continues through Messier Channel, where the color of water changes, because of the rivers that comes from the South Ice Field. You will cross the "Angostura Inglesa" or English Narrow and one hour later we arrive to Puerto Edén, a little village with about 276 people, where the last Kawesqar lives. The route goes through Kirke or Santa María channel with its respective pass Kirke and White.Finally you will arrive to Patagonia crossing Almirante Montt Gulf and Ultima Esperanzas Seno, arriving to Puerto Natales from where you can visit the National Park Torres del Paine.This trip is called Southern trip. The Northern trip is the same but in the opposite way.