Cruises Antartica


Cruises Antartica

Getting to know Antarctica is not an everyday thing. The "white" continent astonishes everyone that dares to go to the boundaries of the world. Exploring fauna, cruising Icebergs and glaciers is an unforgettable experience. You can do it on line ships.

Aboard ships that resemble floating islands, beautiful sceneries are discovered. There are trips that last one-week, others more. They take you back in time to when explorers sailed the same seas.

Ushuaia is the gate to Antarctica. This city in Argentina is the starting point of many cruises. The destinies are numerous; they include Chile and the Falkland islands.

A visit to the Port Lockroy penguins or the Deception island scenes are some of the possible adventures you can experience on this trip.

In the South Pole the number of animal species is limited but, the species that are actually there, show plenty of they're kind. This scenery then becomes astonishing; the incredible amount of whales, eels and sea birds make nature lovers and photographers feel in paradise.

Of course the most admired are the penguins of Adelie and the Emperors. They live in coastlines around Antarctica.

Far from the warmth of luxury in the cruise ship rooms, the adventure of sailing with the cold wind in your face starts.