Containers Patagonia

Stay in a container equipped with everything you need to spend 2 nights on the Atlantic coast.


Why sleep in a container?

The system of rating hotels by stars becomes obsolete when you want to apply it to Patagonia, because a good accommodation in Patagonia is the one that gives you access to remote places, otherwise impossible to reach.

The one that allows you to feel the loneliness and immensity of the landscape. Only then have you been in Patagonia.

From this initiative Containers Patagonia was born.

A sustainable way to reach impossible places.
Matias Puga Co-Founder

Where is the Container?

The Container accommodation is located on route 1 between the cities of Comodoro Rivadavia and Trelew (both with airport).

The container is surrounded by a typical desert landscape of the Patagonian steppe and faces the Atlantic Ocean at 5 meters from the sea.

Only 1KM away there is a town called Camarones, where you can find a grocery store, some bars and a restaurant.

What services do I have in the Container?

The Container is connected to the electricity network, and has a bathroom with an hot water shower and toilet as well as an kitchen.

To make your stay more comfortable, we will provide you with food so you can cook during the 2 days you stay in the Container.

You will find water for 2 days and enough food to prepare 2 dinners and 2 breakfasts.

Design of the space

Frente del Container

The design is designed to make the most of the space and the exterior views with large panoramic windows

Ventanas del Container

The container has 18 square meters of living space and heating.

Planos del Container

Planos del Container


The container is supplied with running electricity and has access to the drinking water network.

For cooking you will use an electric stove, on the other hand the grey water is reused for the shower and the black water will be processed.

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Accommodation will be available from December 01, 2020

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How do I get there?

From Buenos Aires we recommend you take a plane to either Comodoro Rivadavia or Trelew and rent a vehicle for your trip.

If you prefer to arrive with your own vehicle, you have to take route 3 north or south depending from your departure location.

How to get there from Comodoro:

You will have to take Route 3 northbound, passing the Garayalde gas station where Route 30 begins, which leads you to Camarones and then connects with Route 1 northbound until after 1 kilometer of gravel road you will see the Container on your right.

If you are coming from Trelew:

You should also take route 3 but in a southern direction, before arriving at the Garayalde gas station you should take route 30 which connects with the town of Camarones, from there you connect with route 1 in a northern direction until after 1 kilometer of gravel you will see the container on your left.

What to visit in the area

Cabo Dos Bahías 

The Natural Protected Area Cabo Dos Bahías is the most valuable natural attraction in the area. It is located 28 kilometers south of the Container on Route 1.

The Cabo dos Bahías will allow you to appreciate a beautiful landscape of different tonalities, where the sea, its foam and the rocks of the coast generate strong contrasts. In addition, the cape is home of a major colony of Magellanic penguins, along with a large number of guanacos, maras and foxes that are used to be photographed.

Penguin Colony of Camarones

This natural area aims to preserve the life of a species of sea bird that each year lands on the Argentine coast to procreate: The Magellanic Penguins.

You will be visiting an area full of caves and be able to observe the everyday activities of the birds. The penguins lay their eggs inside of the caves, the male and the female alternate in the care of the brood.

The Pingüinera de Camarones occupies a terrain that is 3 km long and 600 meters wide and emerges from the sea, with beaches of sand, clay and gravel. The penguins constantly cross this territory to dive into the sea and catch the anchovies and small squids they like so much.

Coastal Maritime National Park

The Marine Park "Patagonia Austral" is situated on the northern coast of the San Jorge Gulf and its adjacent marine area, between Cape Dos Bahías and Quintano Island, southeast of the province of Chubut.

It is located between Camarones and Comodoro Rivadavia and stretches over more than 100 square kilometers.

Estancia Bahía Bustamante

Only 45 kilometers from the Container you will find the Estancia Bahía Bustamante, an old farm converted to an accommodation for touristic visits. Here you will have to opportunity to take a boat trip to explore the local fauna: sea lions, various birds and a small colony of Magellanic penguins. Another lovely trip is a visit of the Petrified Forest.

The Estancia is a private property, so please contact us to book said trips.

Book your accommodation in the Trailer

Accommodation will be available from December 01, 2020

Reserva una noche en el container