General Information



The purpose of our trips and expeditions is to allow you to discover this land, with its huge variety of natural environments, rich biological diversity and an usnpoiled countryside that is simply out of this world. Travel its roads into some of the most uninhabited regions of the world, from the sea to the mountain range of the Andes, by way of steppes that seem to stretch to infinity.

Get to know the people of Patagonia, the ranch owners and the solitary Gauchos, their histories and customs.

Programmes / travel routes:

Our routes are designed so that you are able to combine them according to your tastes. It is recommended that you choose a trunk route through Argentina and Chile, and add extensions by road or sea, (see cruises) given that taking flights with the same national airline makes the programme cheaper.

Another alternative is choosing the extensions individually.

Accommodation in ranches and country lodging houses:

We have chosen authentic ranches and inns of rural Patagonia, so that you can enjoy the welcoming warmth of the people, and the beauty of the natural countryside. Looked after generally by the ranchowners themselves, the electricity is produced by generator, and you can enjoy all the countryside activities such as horse riding, trekking, and nature trails.

In the "Estancias" you can come upon hidden countrysides, inaccessible by any other means, which are often worthy of being a destination in themselves.

Overland journeys:

The roads in Patagonia are mostly of the makeshift variety, (often consisting of nothing more than a rubble of earth and stones), and they are dangerous to drive upon if you don't have the necessary security measures, and are not familiar with handling a vehicle over this type of terrain. For this reason all our journeys are undertaken with a local driver, familiar with the area and landscape. Some sections will be covered by buses from a regular line, or shared with groups of no more than 10 people, in order to lower the costs, taking into account that the distances to be covered in terms of kilometres are great.

Flights: (Air Pass):

For economic reasons it is advisable to fly with the national airline of the country of destination (Aerolíneas Argentinas or Lanchile) given that they are the only ones who cover all the internal destinations, and make available a 'package' of reduced cost internal flights, along with the international one (Visit Argentina - Visit Chile).

Another option is to fly with a European airline, and we issue the internal flights separately. Patagonline has special Tour Operator rates with Aerolíneas Argentinas and Lufthansa.

Individual / Group trips:

Patagonline organises individual trips.

Each itinerary is prepared to suit the traveler. In the case of a family or already organised group, consult group rates.

In the case of an individual travelling, consult us in order to leave as part of a group from Buenos Aires.

Travel Guides:

All the programmes are led by very capable specialists, who are native to the region of Patagonia they work in.


The prices of our programmes are based on two people sharing (rooms with a double or two single beds). Consult us for prices based on three or four sharing.

Travel insurance:

When travelling outside your country of residence, the most advisable thing is to take out cover through your regular insurance company.

The mission statement of the trip:

Our itineraries in Argentina and Chile are planned with the aim to enjoy Patagonia in safety and in comfort. In a territory with sudden climate changes and with a service infrastructure still in development however, it is necessary to approach the journey with an easy going and flexible attitude, in order to adapt to any unforeseen changes that may occur along the way.

The Trekking routes and paths we follow are suitable for anyone in a normal state of health.