Making the most of a destination when you visit

Travelling the globe provides open ended opportunities to experience new places and cultures. Who would have thought people living on the same planet could be so different in so many ways. That is the beauty of visiting new places and is the main reason so many people up sticks and take a grand voyage for themselves. The problem that many people encounter when they visit new cities and places is that they often do not feel like they have actually been there. Whether they were confined to a run of the mill hotel room or hostel, or just surrounded by tourists when they saw the great sites the world has to offer. Unless you really go deep to the far east or south America, it can be very hard to immerse yourself in a culture and you can miss out on the real gems a place has to offer.  For those who can’t pick up and leave everything but still want to still see cities for who they really, there has been a break through. Companies like Wimdu are out there to help you find unique accommodation in all your favourite cities, priding themselves on giving you the opportunity to experience a place, and travel, ‘like a local’. With over 50,000 private properties available for you to rent, all over the globe, there is always something to make your stay unique. Whether you are simply looking for a bed and breakfast in New York or something more adventurous, such as an Igloo on top of a mountain in Germany, there is a little something for everyone. 

The benefit of renting a private apartment, or maybe even just a room, off a local host, comes down to more than just saving some money. You get a locals view of the city and the hosts are even known for helping you out, by telling you about some local hotspots and secrets you may have otherwise missed on a normal hotel stay. These types of companies are definitely worth a look for your next trip. Find something a little bit special to really make your trip unique, or stay in a room with locals and really experience the culture. Either way, if hotels are becoming tedious, this may well be the best option for you.